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Moonwalks/ Inflatables 

We offer bounce house rentals with the added feature of an attendant to watch the unit and maintain safety. Our units offer a large 15x15 bounce area suitable for small children and adults. Each unit is cleaned and inspected before each rental. We carry full liability coverage and meet state DPS regulations governing inflatable ride units. These units provide hours of fun and entertainment to children of all ages. Crystal Entertainment can also add lighting, DJ dance music, party games, prize giveaways, bubble machines and more to enhance any moonwalk or inflatable rental. Call today for booking options. Free Delivery within 20 miles of our office.

Please call for pricing.

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Jungle Bounce- Welcome to the jungle of jumping. Kids love our new jungle themed bouncer with bright graphics and animal shapes. See our clean setup with staff, mat, signs and sandbags nice safe setup.

Classic Princess Castle which is 15x15 size great for larger groups. This unit also has a larger inflatable front step.

Classic large combo unit with built in side slide. Unit is good for larger groups measures over 15x15 with slide. This combo can also be turned into a water slide for the hot days.

Ice Cream Bounce- Get your sweet tooth on with our new Ice Cream Bouncer. Kids love our Ice cream design just like walking up to the Ice Cream truck and ordering. See our clean setup with staff, mat, signs and sandbags nice safe setup. Try adding on the treatshop and really add the sweet flavor to any event. 

7 Element Obstacle Course- Our large inflatable obstacle course provides a fun challenging experience for all ages. Each section is loaded with tunnels, pop up obstacles, climbing walls, bounce areas, log rolls, inflatable square sides, punching areas and more. This inflatable obstacle course offers a dual tunnel feature to allow two players to race to the end. The first player to reach the end is the winner or just play around and bounce in the course. The entire obstacle course is 35ft long which is over double the length of two large moon bounces with a lot more fun and activities. Each side offers safety netting to help keep patrons inside. This large obstacle course also boasts a pull out flap at the end of the course to help slow down each racer and to provide them with a cushion of air as they slow down. This course is great for kids and adults. We recommend this 7 element course for private parties, corporate events, all night parties or anything looking to have an extreme challenge course. We also provide a safety attendant to watch and run the unit for the entire event. Book this unit early!  Free Delivery within 20 miles of our office. Call for pricing.

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65 Obstacle Course- Brand new 65ft giant obstacle course with our 7 element obstacle course that combines the best of our interactive race course. Loaded with tunnels, barrel rolls, inflatable square blocks, climbing walls and more. Then you have to climb the 18ft high dual lane slide and race to the bottom for a total length of 65ft. This insane challenge course offers a two player challenge all the way to the end. This is one obstacle course that offers it all and will provide hours of entertainment. 

18ft Inflatable Wet/Dry slide- If you are looking for a giant slide then look no further than this. Our giant dual lane slide offers a 2 player challenge to race to the bottom. The giant slide has stairs and grips on the back to climb up and offers a safety net so you can’t jump off. This slide also offers the option of being wet or dry so it can be turned into a giant super water slide challenge. A lot of slides offer only one side to race down but our new slide has two lanes to go down. The slide is fast and slippery wet or dry. 

Our Velcro Wall offers the ultimate in sticking around entertainment. The entire velcro wall is covered with velcro pieces on both the wall and the suit worn by participants. Each player gets a running start and jumps on the inflatable platform and then sticks to the wall. The velcro wall is completely surrounded by soft padding on all side and even offers a jumping area. We stock 3 different velcro suit sizes from small, medium, large and extra large. The Velcro Wall experience is certainly something that needs to be tried at least once. It offers a completely different feel from a rock climbing wall and is much safer in our opinion. We fully staff this unit to help ensure safe operation and to remove guests stuck to it! Please call for booking information and size requirements. Call for Pricing.

Click Here to See Our Photo Page for more Pictures!

Bungee Run- Our interactive Bungee Run Game provides a dual lane of fun and excitement. Two players strap into our harness and try to race to the front. Each player has a piece of Velcro and tries to stick it to the side of the Bungee Run. The player that sticks the Velcro bar farther is the winner. Of course the bungee run can be played just for fun running and pulling you back. This is a safer alternative to bungee jumping. The bungee run can be setup in most flat areas that are open. The height of the unit is around 8ft tall so it fits into most rooms. The entire unit is surrounded by inflatable padding to make the pulling effect more soft. This unit is an extremely interactive inflatable. There is a sharp and sudden pulling effect when the cord is pulled from a person's body forcing the person back to the start of the inflatable in a sudden jerk of force. This is the effect of the bungee run game and it's what makes it a fun ride. Any participate riding this game should be in good physical health and have no extreme medical conditions. Call us today for this extreme inflatable game.

Gladiator Joust- Bring back the American Gladiator Joust game and put yourself into the action! Each player climbs onto there padded foam barrel and get's ready to do epic battle against their opponent until one falls off their pedestal. The first player to knock off their opponent wins! This is a very interactive game that each player uses a foam jousting pole. The entire area is inflatable so when you fall off it does not hurt you. We also provide an attendant to act as a referee. This is a very safe and comfortable unit when we run it the correct safe way. We also provide all the safety gear for unit. Get ready for some serious action when the inflatable joust arrives!

Twister Inflatable- This game is a huge crowd favorite. More than 10 people can play at a time on this new rendition to an old classic. Just like on the smaller Twister game, participants rapidly become entangled in a web of confusion as the Disc Jockey calls out instructions! This game is hilarious to watch, and even more hilarious to play. And, it is incredibly popular with ALL age groups! Everyone loves to revisit his or her childhood with our famous Giant Twister. CES also offers a DJ sound system to announce all the commands and to play all your favorite music to get the crowd moving. We include a large color spinner wheel, DJ host for instructions and we can even provide prizes for your guests!

Please Call for pricing.

Radar Speed Pitch- Can you throw like a Pro? Ever guess how fast you can pitch or kick? Well now you can with our interactive speed pitch. This unit comes complete with radar gun to measure speed and attendant. This unit is great for sport fans, charities looking to raise money, private parties, company picnics, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, school programs or anyone looking to have some fun. We also include prizes with our unit for guessing the correct pitch. How is your Fast Ball? Let CES tell you! This unit also can be converted to a soccer kick as well.

Please call for pricing.

Games Galore- This is a three sided inflatable game center that provides hours of fun for any event. One side is a giant Velcro dart board, the second is a ball toss and the third is Frisbee throw. This unit is 12ft tall and can fit in most large gyms and ballrooms. This unit includes our host and attendant for a fun safe environment. Step up to our portable carnival and win a prize!

Please call for Pricing.

World of Sports- This is our new 5 in 1 interactive sports game. It offers all the action and thrills in a value package. Each side comes fully netted and offers a unique challenge. The five sides include basketball shootout, Frisbee toss, baseball swing, football throw, soccer kick. We can offer staffing and prizes for a full interactive experience. There has been no other inflatable game that offers as much excitement and sports challenge than the world of sports game. Make this inflatable game the center piece of any midway experience.

Basketball Shoot- Our large 15ft inflatable basketball shoot is a load of fun from the moment it blows up. Two lanes offer a competitive challenge for two players to take on the hoop. This unit is unique for the fact that it is much higher than a regulation hoop and much wider on top. This unit is brightly colored and brings the carnival excitement to any event. We bring in regulation sized basketballs and a ton of fun prizes along with a full DJ system and mc to get the crowd motivated.

Please call for Pricing.

Cash Cube- If swirling bundles of cash sounds exciting then our inflatable cash cube is the ticket. This inflatable game swirls hundreds of bills around in an enclosed air chamber and two people put their hands through the openings and try to grab as much money as they can in a certain amount of time. Some of the money has prize stars on it for an instant prize. This is a great interactive crowd pleaser and it is a blast to watch. Add music, lights and a fun host and watch the party come to life!

Please call for Pricing.

Hover Ball Floating gallery- This carnival game is a mid air illusion. It combines harmless columns of floating air that hovers balls above the air. The object is simply, throw a bean bag and knock them off the air column and win an instant prize. Sounds pretty easy right? Well think again the balls are always moving and with a full music system, light show and DJ in your ear the odds just got a little harder!

Please call for Pricing.

Moonshot- The moonshot toss is our new floating ball game. Get ready for launch with our new moonshot offering high quality graphics and prize display. Take aim at the floating balls and knock them off with bean bags and win a prize. The moonshot is a sure hit for any party.

Our floating baseball game is a fun new twist on an American past time. The baseball floats in mid air and the players line up trying to swing at the target. Prizes are awarded for home runs, triples and singles. The back board has holes punched through for the balls to fall through. The entire game is completely enclosed with netting so there is no chance for the balls flying around the room. This provides for a very safe inflatable experience. The baseball swinger is like nothing we have seen in the past it is easy enough for children yet challenging enough for adults. Try our new baseball swinger and swing then bleachers. You will be very impressed with your choice.

Bouncy Boxing- The large inflatable boxing ring offers a 2 player competition where each player has to box. Put on the giant foam gloves and go a few rounds head to head in your very own bouncy boxing experience. Jumping around the ring has never been so much fun and challenging. First player to knock their opponent down wins! The boxing ring can also be used as an indoor bouncer.

Wrecking Ball- The new inflatable Wrecking Ball offers the latest craze in interactive games. This unit is extremely large and can be seen at great distances making it a perfect centerpiece item for any event. The wrecking ball stands at over 15ft high and 20ft wide. The wrecking ball game is played by having one or two people stand in the center inflatable then having the large wrecking ball tossed at them by the audience standing on the sides. The players in the middle try to stay on the pad without falling off. The longer you stay on the middle pad the bigger the prize. But, watch out you never know when the wrecking ball will hit!!!

Sumo Wrestling- Climb into our giant Sumo Suits and get ready for an epic battle of strength and will! The objective is to push your opponent out of the ring or wrestle them to the ground. Our referee will help to judge each match. Sumo suits will provide hours of hilarious interactive. This attraction is suitable for teens and adults. The participants must large enough to fit inside the suit and stand up.

Inflatable Race Track- Our new inflatable race track offers hilarious laughs and excitement built into one 45' foot course. Challenge your friends, boss, spouse or whoever you wish with a race on our mini bikes. Each mini bike is designed to perform tricks and stunts. The race course is setup to handle multiple participants that can all race at the same time. Our judge will flag the races to start and end. In a flash all the racers our off and peddling at full speed toward the finish line. Each bike is extremely small making handling very challenging and extremely funny to watch. We also provide full head protection and padding for extra safety and comfort of all riders.

Carnival Midway- Your guests will love the 3 in 1 carnival game!! It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival themed party with the Inflatable Carnival! This inflatable includes 3 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival. This 3 in 1 also includes built in rings to display prizes. Let us customize a full carnival midway experience with multiple games, prizes, treats and more. Bring the Midway excitement home. 

Carnival Dome- The 30ft carnival dome offers a new level of interaction and excitement. The dome actually allows your guests to walk inside and be part of the action. The adventure dome can be used stand alone to attract attention to store fronts or special events. A music system with Disc Jockey and complete lighting system can be used to enhance the inflatable dome and turn it into a complete dance party. The main focus of the Carnival Dome is to place a variety of different activities inside the dome to keep your guests entertained.  Some of the carnival games may include zapped wire, crazy driver, rat race, cover the spot, tic tac toe blocks ect. The Carnival Dome offers hours of non stop entertainment for your guests and can be customized to meet any need.

Classic Arcade Skee Ball with the inflatable twist. Each player gets balls and tosses them up the ramp to the open point holes. This is a great addition to any carnival night or game day. Unit can be fully staffed with prizes as well.

Big Chair Photos- Our Super Large inflatable Chair will make anyone who sits in it look tiny. This Giant Chair will be the hit of any party when it is blown up. The Chair is strong enough to take a number of guests on it at one time. We then take your photo and print it off on high gloss paper on site for you to take home. The Big Chair Photos come with unlimited prints for the party duration and a technician to run it all party long.

Hose Hockey- The inflatable hose hockey allows 6 players to compete at once. 3 blue players and 3 red players try to score at each end with the ball. The cones of air rush the ball around the board. Each player must battle to keep the ball from ending up in the goal. To make the game more exciting extra balls can be added to keep the pace intense. This is a great game for any hockey fan and also allows setup indoors if it is off season or inclement weather out.

Water Rides and Games 

Slip and Slide- Our 32ft slip and slide is the best way to keep cool on a Hot Summer Day. Get a running start and dive into it. If you run and jump fast enough you will slide all the way down to the end where a pool of water waits. The other nice thing about the slip slide is how fast it can take people through it. From start to finish it can take only 20seconds or less for a person to run down it and then exit so it has a very fast recycle time. Nothing is worse than waiting in the blazing sun to get wet again. With the slip and slide inflatable you won't have to. The blue vinyl on top is super slick to keep each person sliding all the way down. As you slide down the track there are numerous spray areas to keep wet and slick. The slip and slide inflatable beats any pool hands down and is a safe alternative to a large slide game.

18ft Inflatable Wet/Dry slide- If you are looking for a giant slide then look no further than this. Our giant dual lane slide offers a 2 player challenge to race to the bottom. The giant slide has stairs and grips on the back to climb up and offers a safety net so you can’t jump off. This slide also offers the option of being wet or dry so it can be turned into a giant super water slide challenge. A lot of slides offer only one side to race down but our new slide has two lanes to go down. The slide is fast and slippery wet or dry. 

Water Slide- When it's hot out turn to our super water slide for intense action. Our giant water slide offers a fun filled afternoon for any event. It can handle hundreds of rides per event with ease. The slide offers an easy climbing ladder to grip onto and large platform for the rider. The hose runs and fills up an entire splash pool which offers a huge splash and soaking. This water slide is sure to be the hit of the party when the heat arrives. Book early as our units tend to sell out when the heat hits.  Ask about our new water day program for extra savings.

Spin Soaker- Our new interactive wacky water game. This is a professional grade game made to delight all ages with a wet soaking fun. This is a great addition to our splash day special or any of our water rides. The Spin soaker is a 4 player position water game that randomly soaks each player when the wheel stops. Pull the handle and spin the wheel and see who gets soaked. Each color position marks who spins the wheel and then pulls the handle. Each player has a shower head above them which will drench the player below. Add this new interactive water game to your special event.

The Big Splash- This is the new version of the old classic dunk tank without the waste and wait of the dunk tank. The player sits under the bucket as throwers line up and get ready to toss away. Hit the target and splash a large bucket of clean water falls all over the victim below. Then the bucket tilts back up with a pull and the on off valve fills the bucket in a few seconds. A standard dunk tank is large, slow and can be dirty with used water all day. Our Big splash offers clean water all day long with a great color display. Also a standard dunk tanks can take almost an hour to fill up, not with the Big Splash it takes only a few seconds for the same effect.

Dunk Tank- A classic all around favorite item. People sit in the bench area and people throw balls trying to soak the victim. When the ball hits the target area the bench releases and the person falls into the water. Keep in mind we need to be near a hose and the floor area will be very wet. It is suggested for an outdoor area or location where there is drainage. May we suggest our Big Splash option for a quick dunk tank alternative.

Misting tent- When the temps rise and the heat won't leave and you need relief then the misting tent is the answer. Our misting tent offers a complete cooling solution for any event that needs instant relieve. Made popular at theme parks, sporting events and even the US military these units offer fast heat relief. How the misting tents work is simple, a mist of clean water vapor if sprayed over a large area with multiple nozzles hung above. People then walk through the area or sit and get instant heat relief without a soaking effect of straight water or a water ride. The water vapor is designed to flash evaporate leaving a cooling effect on the skin and can lower the air temperature up to 25 degrees. This is a great affordable option for any event wanting water without the mess and cleanup. No bathing suits needed and our own staff uses them at hot summer events. Great for schools and large events.

Party Food Items 

Treatshop- Our new treatshop offers a sweet option for any event. The treatshop is a high flash inflatable tent that offers 3 working windows for customers just like a shop. There is no other inflatable setup that offers such vibrant colors and lettering for a real carnival feel. The treatshop offers a wide array of fun party foods such as popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy treats. Order the treatshop today for your next party. 

Fresh popcorn at any event. Our 8oz popper is large enough to feed most crowds. Each popcorn rental comes with all the supplies needed to keep the popcorn popping. The popcorn is prepacked in seasoning packs with popcorn seeds, butter and salt. No mixing is required, simply cut the pouch open and pour the popcorn and mix into the machine. Our popcorn machine makes a great addition to any movie night, carnival night or DJ party that just wants a good snack.

Cotton Candy Machine- Our Cotton Candy Machine offers the fresh hot feel and taste of the cotton candy. For cotton candy to taste great it has to be made fresh and not bagged over long periods of time. This unit allows for up to three cones a minute when fully warmed up. Each cotton candy cone can be made with the standard cone or bagged for easy eating and travel. The cotton candy machine also offers different flavored sugar floss such as blue, pink vanilla and others. Each sugar floss has a unique flavor so ask what flavors we have in stock!

Sno Cone Machine- Our Sno cone maker can shave an incredible amount of ice in and hour. Each rental comes with the cones and your choice of sno cone syrup. We stock cherry, orange, grape and blue raspberry flavors. This sno cone machine makes a great addition to any company picnic or birthday party looking for some cool relief from a hot summer day. This is a great way to cool down on a hot day or large indoor dance event!

FAQ about Moonwalks/ Inflatables 
  • How Long is the Rental Period?
    Typical rental time is 3-4hrs with an attendant. We set up, breakdown and operate the equipment. No need for any hassle.
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  • What power is needed for Inflatables?
    Each large inflatable ride or game requires a good grounded source of AC power 15-20amp service. The length of the cord to the inflatable ride or game cannot exceed 100ft. Lengths higher than this will cause the blower to fail and the unit to collapse.
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  • Are the moonwalks and inflatables clean?
    All of our units are cleaned and disinfected before each rental. You might even see our staff cleaning at your event during and after the function.
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  • Does the State regulate inflatable?
    Yes, In Massachusetts all inflatable rental companies are required to have an inflatable device mechanic on staff, carry liability insurance for all units and have attached USID number plates on each interactive game unit. We are fully trained with all safety procedures and DPS guidelines for the state of Massachusetts and also follow AIRCO guidelines for a safe, fun environment. We recommend visiting the DPS website for more details.
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  • What area is needed for a moonwalk or inflatable game?
    The area needed depends on the size of the unit. Generally speaking we require a 20x20 area that is flat and clear of obstacles such as trees, power lines, houses, walls, hazards ect. Remember to look up as well! Please call us with any questions or concerns.
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  • What is your weather policy and rain?
    All rentals may be cancelled with no penalties if inclement weather is present. There is no fee as long as CES does not setup at your function. Some restrictions apply to large events and other services please call for details.
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  • Are there risks with inflatables and moonwalks?
    There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride, device, or attraction. Patrons of an amusement ride, device or attraction, by participation, accept the risks inherent in such participation of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware. Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the amusement ride, device, or attraction and to obey all oral or written warnings, or patrons have a duty to not participate in or on any amusement ride, device, or attraction when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Patrons have a duty to properly use all ride or device safety equipment provided. Ride at your own risk!
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  • Is there a delivery charge or travel fee?
    We offer FREE delivery and setup within 20 miles of our office. After 20 miles there may be an additional fee incurred for fuel and travel time. Please contact us for more details and package pricing options. Don't worry we service most of New England at fantastic prices!
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  • Anything else we need to know about inflatables?
    Please keep in mind we run, operate, setup and breakdown the units. These inflatables are extremely large and heavy to move around. They cannot be moved up or down stairs, small fences, doors or anything that does not have enough room to fit a large rolled object. We also cannot lift the inflatables over any objects to get to a field or grass area. Please keep this restriction in mind when ordering a unit.
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